Rainforest Monitoring

Global warming and greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced, and deforestation and forest degradation is a growing problem for world community.

The carbon loss of forest in developing countries account for 15 percent of the annual total emissions (IPCC).

Forest Vision AS provide statistics of biomass and carbon changes using InSAR data, and can create detailed maps for better forest monitoring.

Forest Visions analysis is a powerfull tool for assessing the effects of climate programs like REDD+ and as a tool to determine carbon credit payments.

We can both provide historic data to determine reference emission levels and monitor changes over time at required intervals.

New data can be provided as often as every 11th is possible.

Cloud cover, smoke or darkness is no issue

Comparison between Forest Vision and existing alternatives

  Forest Vision Landsat Airborne


Reference Emission Period
High spatial resolution

(5m or better)

Gradual changes
No cloudproblems
Large areas wall-to-wall

Pilot case: Wall-to-Wall coverage of Uganda

Wall-to-wall mapping now complete for the entire country.